4. HP 50g Graphing Calculator

4. HP 50g Graphing Calculator

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

The new HP 50g provides the best in power, flexibility and connectivity. It’s perfect for math, science and engineering professionals and college students. It now features:

  • a more capable SD card slot
  • 2.5 MB total memory
  • new RS232 and USB connectivity and
  • a built-in intelligent editor.

The HP 50g Graphing Calculator is one of the best on the market today.

Features and Benefits:
  • New display upgrade. The new HP 50g display features a 30% increase in usable space over the HP 49g+
  • New powerful SD card slot allows you to format your card right in the calculator and expand memory
  • Massive 2.5 MB total memory.
  • Comes with 512 KB RAM plus 2 MB flash ROM for performing future upgrades
  • New larger equation library and 2300+ built-in functions
  • Ideal for both professionals and students


Amazon Reviews:

4.6 out of 5 stars 793 customer reviews


Powerful, Innovative Design For Fast, Accurate Computation

The 50g features easy-to-use, powerful tools.Students and professionals can rely on it for years of performance. This includes built-in graphing functions, constants, and applications.

Choose between efficient RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), Textbook, or Algebraic data entry. And rest assured that expansive memory (with SD card slot) means the 50g can handle even the most complex calculations. Graphing features include 2-D function, polar, and parametric plot, as well as 3-D, differential equation, and bar plot.

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